Miss the thrills of exploring new places? Breathe life into familiar spots with some photography hacks and explore your city with a fresh set of eyes as an urban wanderer. Read on for some of our favourite and creative tips and tricks to take some amazing photos on your smartphone.
Use panoramic mode
No wide angle on your phone? No problem. All you need is the panoramic mode (Pano on iPhones), turn your phone sideways and start shooting from the bottom to the top to achieve a wide-angled photo!
Pro tip: Free your hands with a backpack so you can fully enjoy every moment of your day.
Create your own frame
With a little planning and preparation, you can frame your photos in really fun and unexpected ways. Instagrammer @kanbokeh is an expert at using props like polaroid frames and sand castles to create surreal compositions just with a smartphone and tripod.
Pro tip: If you’re heading outdoors, make sure you carry all your props and gear in a water-resistant bag.
Mirror mirror on the ground
Make sunsets and beach trips extra special by bringing a mirror with you. With just a single prop, you can capture some amazing shots of yourself and your friends. Didn’t plan ahead? Your mirrored sunglasses would work just as well.
Pro tip: Carrying a lot of props and extra outfits? Use a suitcase for these occasions to have everything in one convenient, weatherproof and portable place.
Turn it upside down
Make an ordinary portrait extra dramatic with a simple rotation. When you turn your phone upside down and turn on the wide-angle function if available, it elongates the photo and gives you a better, more flattering angle.
Pro tip: Make sure you bring a stylish bag that can double as storage and styling prop.
Make a splash
Turn any ordinary destination into a stunning photo with a beautiful mirror effect -- all you need is some water! Best done in front of the sunset for more drama, you just have to set your phone on the ground and pour a pool of water in front of the lens and voila, the postcard perfect snap is ready to post on Instagram.
Pro tip: This trick is perfect for rainy days too - just make sure you leave home with an umbrella and water-resistant backpack!