3 ways to work
out on your commute

Do your days feel busy? Ours sure do! Packed schedules can make finding the time to exercise really difficult. So, why not turn your commute into an opportunity to get your heart pumping? Whether you choose to walk, bike, skate or scoot – just 30 minutes of exercise a day can help improve productivity and wellbeing, reduce stress, enhance memory, increase energy and boost creativity.

If your commute is under an hour, get pedalling! Bike to work and swap out your purse or laptop case for a comfortable, practical and stylish commuter-friendly backpack. Don’t forget to wear a helmet (safety first!) and pack a change of clothes and shoes, so you arrive fresh and ready to start your day.

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Walking offers way more benefits than you realise. It has been found to improve mental wellbeing, save money and lower stress. If you can’t walk the whole way to work, then break up your journey by getting off the train or bus a stop or two early. Hey, every step counts, right?

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If you know you’ll be spending the day sitting at your desk, opt to stand on the bus or train. You can also do breathing exercises in between stations and stops. For a count of four to five breaths, keep your shoulders down, breathe deeply from the bottom of your stomach and engage your abdominal muscles. The result? More oxygen to your brain (look out, great ideas!) and a stronger core. A win-win!

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